Diana is a photographer and digital artist based in Toronto, Canada. Raised in Uruguay and Brazil, she first arrived in Montreal to pursue her studies at McGill University, graduating with a Master of Arts in Hispanic Literature. She is fluent in four languages and taught Spanish at McGill University and Dawson College. Driven by her passion for photography, she obtained a Certificate in Photography Studies from Ryerson University. Curious and innovative, Diana continues to explore image making including crypto art, digital compositions and selective animation. 
Diana has always been fascinated with technology and Web3 has provided the perfect platform to explore her curiosity of what is possible on the blockchain. In the NFT space, Diana works to build community and help spotlight and onboard less represented people, specifically women and Latin American artists. She sees NFT’s as a global platform that brings artists together from around the world
Diana’s art is based on digital photographs that are then manipulated in photoshop to tell a story beyond the photographic image. Diana likes to imagine what life would look like if we lived on the blockchain and her latest collection is a reflection of this imaginary world. 
Diana is co-founder of XenosProject, an NFT pfp collection whose mission is to support schools in underrepresented regions. It is a project that is using Web3 to create a positive social impact.
Outside the NFT space, Diana has the same philosophy of empowering artists. Diana has given art workshops to vulnerable immigrant communities working with seniors and people in the Adult Literacy Program. Diana has experience coordinating and showing work. She owned and ran a gallery in northern Canada during the pandemic that showcased her work and that of other local artists.

Intensely curious about the potential of the photographic medium, my work explores the possibilities of using the digital image as a form of artistic expression. I'm drawn to the abstract and lured by shapes, colour and light. As a photographer, I believe that my art needs to be open to the unpredictable and spontaneous. I like to explore, experiment and consolidate what I learn into my work.
While my portfolio includes traditional documentary and studio work, it also includes more modern approaches to image-making. I enjoy creating compilations in post-production and pushing the boundaries of traditional art. Most recently, I've been exploring the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by developing art for the crypto art space. My photography travels down many different paths, just like my life.

February  2024, Threads of Connection, Toronto, physical exhibit
October 2023 Expo NFT Blockchain Summit Latam Colombia
September 2023 NY United Nations, Oculus Center, physical exhibit
March 2023 NFT LA live, Los Angeles, physical exhibit
20 Nov-18 Dec 2022 From Strike to Stroke | NFT Ithra NFT Exhibition - FIFA World Cup Qatar, physical exhibit 
November 2022 WAGAMI - Kuwait’s first IRL NFT exhibition
August 9-10 2022, Toronto, CA: Blockchain Futuristic Conference, physical exhibit
July 6-8 2022, Panama: Blockchain Summit LATAM, physical exhibit Expo NFT
Oct 23-Nov 1, 2022, Curo Arte physical exhibit in Santiago, Chile
June 20, 2022, “Temporal Vision Exhibition”, Times Square Billboards, NY
September 8-12, “Meta Menangerie Free for All”, physical NFT exhibit in NY
August 2021, “Women NFT Asian Latin Collab” https://oncyber.io/nftwomen
August 2021, Galeria NFTesp https://oncyber.io/nftesp
July 2021, "Renaissance Protocol" physical NFT exhibit in NY
June 12-current, NFTianguis Chuchulucos Exhibit and Latino Urbano Exhibit
June 12 - current, MetaMuseum Oceans NFT Collection Exhibition
June 17, 2021, ImNotArt, NFT physical gallery exhibit
May 20, 2021, ImNotArt, Community Gallery #10
April 30 - May 6 2021, Artwrk, Group Photography Exhibition Online 
2020 Davenport Collective, Toronto, Group Exhibition, Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto
2016 Group Photography Exhibition, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2015 Group Photography Exhibition, Paul Hahn & Co, Toronto 


Community Work:
Davenport-Perth Community Health Center, Toronto - Photographer
West Neighbourhood House, Toronto - Photography teacher
Help Portrait, Toronto - Photography Assistant 

Foundation: https://foundation.app/@DianaPelenur
OpenSea: https://opensea.io/accounts/DianaPelenur

2018 Certificate in Photography Studies, Ryerson University the Chang School of Continuing Education, Toronto, Canada
1999 Master of Arts in Hispanic Literature, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Davenport Collective, Founding Member (Group of six women exploring a variety of different photographic practices. It encourages creativity and experimentation and is a supportive forum for building skills, sharing knowledge and creating opportunities).​​​​​​​
Searchlight Artist Pool
Queens of the Metaverse

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