This piece is a collaboration between Diana and The Conceptual Cosmic Ultraviolet Federation
The collaborations in the metaverse between artists from different latitudes connected through artistic language are perhaps the most important manifestation of collective creativity around cryptoart today.
Diana Pelenur and The Conceptual Cosmic Ultraviolet Federation, present this work based on the digital image from the analogous process of painting as a site-specific intervention, a gallery in the metaverse; a monitor, a screen. Your retina.
The final artwork is derived from the concepts of the city, automatism, and the gaze of the other that we all have within ourselves. Diana, coming from a long practice of editing and photographic manipulation, draws from architectural and urban influences to interpret a bird’s eye view of the expressionist drippings of the painting that The Federation presents as an ode to the accelerationism embedded in the technology of the block chain.
A rarity no doubt in the lines of research of both artists, but in the end, a rarity that represents the sense of belonging to a community, to a new way of understanding art, the economy, and even urban life.

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